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3 min readMay 27, 2019


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This week we are sad to announce that Humble Bee’s founding Chairman, Greg Sitters, is stepping down.

After over two years of hard work, sage advice and mentoring, Greg is moving on to focus on the growth of his science focused investment fund, Matū, where he is a Founding Managing Partner.

I cold called Greg one Thursday afternoon in 2016 — later he told me he was at the NZ Angel Conference in Havelock North and went and stood in the rain to listen to my story. He was so enthusiastic about Humble Bee I couldn’t stop the questions and get him off the phone!! My journey with Greg, and our terrific group of investors and shareholders began that night.

Greg has been a cornerstone of ushering Humble Bee from the “dream realm” to that of an emerging reality. While Greg will remain an advisor to management and Humble Bee, it is hard for me to imagine a board meeting without him.

I will always be grateful to Greg for taking a chance on a green and sight-unseen CEO with a deal that needed to be done fast. Because the Bee “season” as a single annual occurrence, waits for no-one Greg hustled pretty hard late in 2016 to get initial investment from Sparkbox Ventures, GD1 Nominees and NZVIF into the company before Christmas. I was on a plane to Australia to track down the bees just 10 days later!

When I asked Greg about his time at Humble Bee he said -

“to date several layers of critical research have been finished, and, by the time the current research project is completed, the company will be in a very compelling state with its technology, IP and market positioning. Whilst raising funds has had its challenges, especially locally, there is increasing interest from overseas which bodes well for the next raise in the near future.

A lot has changed in a pretty short time since I joined Veronica on the Humble Bee journey, what an amazing young woman and entrepreneur she is. Whilst I am sad to be handing over the reins the company is in very good stead and the timing is right to initiate our original plan to bring in a new set of hands and ideas.”

So Greg, a huge thank you from me and all the Humble Bee team from scientists to shareholders. This company wouldn’t be what it is without you.

As sad as we are to see Greg go, we’re very excited to find a new, amazing person to take on this role. More on this here.

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Humble Bee Bio

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